Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Anderson Blog

This is our default blog page. To protect our children, we have set this page up so that we can moderate who accesses our real blog. If you would like to see our real blog, leave a comment including your email address, and I will GLADLY invite you to view a glimpse of our lives!


Alex said...

Hey Girl. Will you add me to your list please? Thanks.


Alisha said...

am i not on the list? where do i go? you'd think having a computer geek for a husband i could figure this out. my email is alisha(at)thecreationhouse(dot)com

Vanessa said...


Ginny said...

just checking in to see if you got your apron! i am your swapper :)

Janna said...

Is that one of your kids? Wow. That's a lot of hair. My email adress is jwgfamilyzoo@gmail.com

The little things said...

hi suzee- I'm your snowman swapper buddy-

Jesicca said...


I love your blog and your creativity. I hope you will include me.

Laraine H. said...

Laraine Hartle
Nice reconnecting through facebook, but I'd love to check out your blog too!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Hi...glad that you're going to participate in the Valentine's Day swap. Will you let me into your blog??


Kristen said...

Hi Suzee I'm your valentine day swapper.
I'd love to see your other blog and know a little about you.

Chrissy Censullo said...

Hi I love your blog header and wanted to do something like that for my family blog. How do I do that?


Debra said...

Hi Suzee -- I'm Debra, the lucky SassyFlirty Apron Swap person who got your apron. I love it! The choice of pattern was perfect; it's one of the few I don't own. The fabric is just adorable. You really made my wish come true! But what is really impressive is the care and talent that went into making it. I feel like I took an advanced sewing class just looking over what you've done.

Thank you so much. I can't wait 'til Valentine's Day; I'm breaking in this beauty tonight. I'll think of you every time I wear it.

Best wishes,

Debra Sherline

Kyra said...

It's your cousin Kyra Gibb (now Free)I wanna see your cute family's blog!
add me to your list please?
Thanks Suzee!

Roberts blog said...

Suzee...I miss checking in.
please add me too.

The Old Dairy said...

Came across your blog and would love to be added so I can visit....


Angela said...

Hi Suzee,

I'd love to read your blog sometime:)

Have a great day!

Jennifer and Sean said...

you should add me! lol if you want!

The Manwaring Family said...

Hi Suzee,

I would love an add to your blog:


Jacobsen Family said...

Hi Suzee I would love to be added to view your blog. My e-mail akopajacob@yahoo

Jenna Wilson said...

Could you add me to your list please?

Jenna Wilson